Getting Crisis Pregnancy Centers Out of Public Schools

Crisis Pregnancy Centers are fake health centers aimed at deceiving young people and pregnant women through factually inaccurate sex education and health information. These sham centers do not belong in public schools. Read more about CPC's here.

Making contraceptives readily available.

We are dedicated to making sure everyone has access to condoms and contracptives. Keystone CASE distributes free condoms all of our public events.

Building a Network of Peer Educators:

Keystone CASE is building a network of school clubs to help educate peers on sexual health and wellness. Additionally we are developing an open and free curriculum for student organizations to bring sex ed directly to the student body.


Demand Action On Chechnya:

Join the more than 3000 Keystone CASE supporters who are demanding the United Nations and United States investigate reported concentration camps in Chechnya.