An open letter from the Executive Director of Keystone Coalition for Advancing Sex Education

To whom it may concern,

As a young student activist, I care deeply about various parts of our society that can use an overhaul. Healthcare, immigration, and the criminal justice system are at the top of the list! However, out of all the issues, sex education is the most important. As a student I understand first-hand the lack of education provided to my peers through sex education and I strive to set new expectations.

I entered into the world of health and sex education in high school. I became the head of my high school's Peer Counseling Program that focused on the health of our student body. Soon after, I worked to revamp a program called, SHAE (Sexual Health Awareness Educators). I helped build this into one of the largest programs on campus. Our mission was to bring students together and create a peer-to-peer safe space that focused on the implications of sex in our lives. We succeeded in creating a campus mentality that sex education is important and necessary. 

My work in these programs led me into an independent study program in the spring of my junior year. I wanted to learn how I could bring SHAE to more schools across Pennsylvania, and ultimately across the nation. I worked to build the infrastructure of an organization that could help advance sex education which I later named Keystone Coalition For Advancing Sex Education. Not only is this group a coalition of people from diverse backgrounds, but we are a team of parents, activists, students, health professionals, and Educators that agrees sex education in America is lacking and we must do better.

The symbolism of a keystone rings true in the ideology of this organization. The keystone's main function is the final, most important part of a stone arch. Without the keystone, the arch would fall and crumble due to a lack of support. This symbolizes what sex education is in American society. Without proper education, our society begins to slowly crumble. We see high rates of infection, unintended pregnancy, and risky behavior from our youth. Comprehensive, inclusive sex education can correct this and be the keystone of America's vast arch.

I hope you will join me on this journey. Together we can build an education system that values the safety of our youth and provides comprehensive, inclusive sex education. We will be able to enact legislation that mandates proper sex education if we work together and demand better for our youth. 

Let's do this together,

KC Miller

Founder & Executive Director

Keystone CASE