Official Partners:

October 10th, 2017 - Keystone Coalition for Advancing Sex Education is dedicated to empowering survivors of sexual assault and is committed to helping prevent future sexual violence through advocacy and education. We are proud to partner with Sexual Assault Survivors and Supporters (SASS) to help advance their mission of empowering and destigmatizing survivors through three pillars of support, advocacy and education. We are excited to see how this partnership benefits our collective missions and aids the greater community.

May 2018 - Keystone Coalition for Advancing Sex Education could not be more proud to announce our support for up-and-coming sex educator, Olivia Richman who runs GlamourPuss MD. As a medical student who runs an educational YouTube channel about sexual health and education, she is laying the groundwork for a future where young people are empowered with the knowledge to keep their bodies happy, safe, and healthy. We could not be more thrilled to announce our unwavering support and partnership.

May 2018 - Keystone Coalition for Advancing Sex Education is proud to sponsor and partner with Project G.I.R.L - Groundbreaking. Inspiring. Radiant. Ladies. We believe it is vital for young girls to be accurately represented in all areas of society, and not be shamed, mistreated, or misrepresented simply based off of the fact that they are female. We are excited to work with Project G.I.R.L. to ensure that sex education in American is empowering for all regardless of gender identity.