KC Miller

Founder & President

Keystone Coalition for Advancing Sex Education was born out of the fundamental need for comprehensive sex education in Pennsylvania and across the United States. We are a coalition of Parents, Activists, Health Professionals, and Educators who deeply believe sex education is vital to the growth and development of our youth. We are dedicated to spreading awareness for comprehensive sex education, supporting student led campus initiatives, and lobbying for legislation in relation to sexual health and education.

Keystone CASE is a pending 501(c)4 nonprofit organization. Read More Here.



2017 Recipient of the TD Bank Young Heroes Award.

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The main goal of Keystone Coaltion for Advancing Sex Education is to enact comprehensive sex education through legislation.The Pennsylvania Healthy Youth Act 2017 is a drafted piece of legislation that aims to keep Pennsylvania's youth safe by mandating comprehensive, inclusive sex education. The act takes into account research that heavily suggests comprehensive sex education programs help delay the initiation of sex, lessen the frequency of unsafe sexual contact, reduce the number of sexual partners, and increase the use of FDA approved contraception among sexually active partners. As a result this reduces the number of sexually transmitted infections, unintended pregnancy, HIV transmission, and unsafe sexual practices. It is modeled from the successful California Healthy Youth Act and the unsuccessful Pennsylvania Healthy Youth Act 2009.

KC Miller is a community organizer currently attending Westtown School as Student Body President. He is a strong health and human rights advocate. He leads SHAE (Sexual Health Awareness Educators), an on campus initiative that provides free contraceptives and education to students, and SASH (Students Advocating for Student Health), a campus wide program that trains students to become peer counselors. In addition to his student health interests, he has a passion for politics. KC is the Head of Westtown Democrats Association, has worked on dozens of political campaigns, and focuses on Youth Engagement. Most recently, he has been named one of the recipients of TD Bank's Young Heroes Award for 2017.

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