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Who I am: My name is Olivia Richman and I’m a 3rd year medical student. I grew up in NJ in a bi-cultural family, with a Cuban mother and a Jewish father. I come from a large, opinionated, and communicative family, which creates an environment of constant growth, introspection, discussion and empowerment for me and my cousins.


What I’m doing: I created a YouTube channel, called GlamourPuss, M.D., talking about the female reproductive system, and how to take control of one’s reproductive health, in an entertaining and educational way. YouTube is an ideal platform to spread this message because it is one of the main resources adolescents use for information and entertainment on the internet.





What inspired me to create this: I have 10 girl cousins, all under the age of 25, who were educated in good school systems, yet still don’t understand the basics of the female reproductive system. Over the years, I taught them how to put in a tampon (which wasn’t taught at school), different types of birth control methods, the importance of their HPV shot, etc.


I thought to myself, if my cousins are learning this information from me, who are other girls in this country having conversations with? Do they have a mother, older sibling or cousin explaining to them the importance and significance of ovulation? How about STI prevention?

Through research and personal experience, I realized how little girls knew about their own bodies and also, how taboo it was to even talk about!


My second inspiration was the book Half the Sky, by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn, which delved into the injustices and inequalities women face around the world, including female genital mutilation, access to healthcare and education, human sex trafficking and the list goes on.


What I envision for the future: I want to create a society where the words “vagina” and “clitoris” are words of pride and empowerment, instead of words that make girls giggle or cringe.

My goal is to unite women, because I believe in creating solutions, instead of problems, empathy instead of gossip and introspection instead of blame. My goal is also to educate women, so we can create a society of limitless opportunity, self-love, and gender equality.

And my last goal is to empower women, so they can communicate fearlessly and realize that they deserve to live a confident and powerful life.



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