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What's Inside A Rape Kit?

May 21, 2018

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What's Inside A Rape Kit?


Hey all, Olivia here!


Rape Kits aren’t easy to come by. What’s inside of one? Are they painful? Invasive? Traumatizing to have after a rape? I’m GlamourPuss, M.D. and in this episode, I’ll go through the contents of a Rape Kit!

Rape kits are different in each state. In this video, I’ll talk about the contents of a New York Rape Kit. SANEs and SAFEs administer the rape kits in the Emergency Department. SANE stands for Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner and SAFE stands for Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner. They are trained and certified to administer a rape kit to patients who have been assaulted. 


You have up to 20 years to decide if you want to report your case to the police. This means that’s the hospital will keep the rape kit for up to 20 years. In the past the limit was 30 days.


It’s important to go to the ER, even if you don’t feel comfortable reporting the assault. You want to get checked for STIs, begin post-exposure prophylaxis for HIV and take a Plan B pill, if you choose, to prevent conception. 


It’s important to note that NOT EVERY HOSPITAL carries rape kits. Call the hospital beforehand or contact RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) for more information. 


To be clear, assault can happen to women AND men. The rape kit is NOT only for females; men can be assaulted as well, even though it is underreported due to the shame, embarrassment and stigma that “men can’t be raped”. 


If you come to the ER after a rape, make sure to bring the underwear and clothes you were wearing and do your best NOT to shower. More specifics on the do’s and don’t’s are included in the video. 

It’s important to talk about these issues, even if it is uncomfortable. If we can’t talk about rape, how can we solve it? In order to help others and create comfort abut this topic, please speak up and share this video and blog post. Create a comfortable space for conversation around assault so people can step into that space without shame or judgment. 


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